This research focuses on the field of performing arts, on an instructional design, which’s purpose is the unity of dance and theater and their connection with video and film, as well as with philosophy, physics and literature. This design, promotes the theory of science, the practice of research and the production of interdisciplinary artistic work during the educational process, by providing a total training to students of performing arts and by offering to performance makers a useful tool of composition and improvisation for their professional activity. Research aims are the innovation in the education of performing arts and the development of a new artistic approach in the way that the human body expresses itself on stage or by multi medias. The basic idea-tool of the research is a new coding language for the interpretation and composition of the Movement, inspired by the 4th dimension of Time. A code, which includes the whole range of Time points, which consist of the following elements: the flow, the accents, the rhythm patterns and the pauses and applies to all performing and visual arts, because of the universal existence of key-words used. The objectives taken by the research so far, are the implementation of workshops, which were exposed to the public in the form of performance and the presentation of interdisciplinary artistic works, which were created based on the above code, in order to present conclusions of the research process.