The creation of Face the Fact Studio intended to house artistically those who wish to explore the entire creative process of performing and visual arts, using the art of dance as their instrument, with a variety expanding from dancetheater, performance, dance film and experimental cinema, to the original act of conceptualization/writing and to the final act of performing. The educative role of Studio's activity focuses on choreography (mostly inspired by African-American and French avant garde dance tradition) and improvisation techniques as well as in recuperative (therapeutic) methods. The proposed courses are for those who seek to evolve constantly, whether they are in a beginner, middle, advanced or even professional level. Particular attention is paid to the personality and needs of each student, as well as the dynamics of teamwork. To that end the courses are based on individualized teaching and small groups. This is the place where we can have our lesson or rehearse, discuss, film and edit, write and of course, laugh!!! In a few words this Studio is the place where we can all ‘’face the fact’’ that really matters to us. Join us!



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