Before addressing any of the so many life events you need to understand of what these events consist of. What they are, how they are called, how they make you feel, what are their potential consequences and what is their course. That’s something you should be able to do almost instantaneously, with your whole body not only with the thought that supposedly mature over time. This thought can easily get lost or carried away or even become childish, after all our world seems to be crafted to that end. So when that ‘’moment’’ comes, its significance lies on whether you will face it or not and how, if instead you chose to run away from it, at some point that moment will inevitably reprise itself, which means that no matter what, you cannot escape it. It's none of our business to tell you how you face it, that’s your responsibility, we will simply show you our way and we will always remind you that in the beginning there is a fact and the handling follows. Otherwise, all your actions will be unsighted, away from your truth. And that’s a shame. We live only once.''