Face the Fact Performing & Visual Arts Group, was created in 2012 by Grigoris - G. Gaitanaros. The field of Group’s research is the unity of performing arts as well as their connection with visual arts, philosophy, psychology and politics with a focus in dance, theatre, performance art, cinema, education and research. Group's philosophy, is based in the fact that each project involves a dynamic process that guides to a result that cannot depend only on control, on memory, or on the implementation of the design. The challenge, is the constant vigilance on the present time, the time of performance and creative thinking. This point of view provides unique opportunities to expand the limits of teamwork, of oneself and of a project’s destiny. This alertness, deals creatively with unexpected circumstances which finally are a significant factor when the body performs and communicates. Through this perspective, the mechanistic conception of thought is getting weaker, so that it can be achieved freedom from the known. The Group is on a continuing research for the evolution of educational strategies, methods and practices of Art making and thinking, through a holistic perception of reality, which has assimilated the past, experience the present and looks forward.


Grigoris - G. Gaitanaros: Research design, Direction, Choreography, Performance, Teaching



Stella Dimitrakopoulou (Artwork)

Gus Economou (Direction of Photography, Video edit)

Giorgos Katsanos (Music)

Tasos Fotiou (Sound design)

Conrad Bukes (Coaching)

John Katsivelakis (Web development, Technical Support)