Grigoris G. Gaitanaros is the creative producer of Face the Fact Co. (2012). He studied law (Demokritus University of Thrace), dance (I.F.P.R.O.-Paris), art & design (MA-Middlesex University of London) and creative writing (MA-Open University of Greece). He writes stories and articles published in online journals, as well as designs and produces short films and video performances, participating in festivals, educational programs and lectures in Greece and abroad. 



Clean Hands_short story

Μονόκλ - literary magazine, 2021

Late Evenings_short story

Περί Ου - literary magazine, 2021

Star, Trash and Strass Pants_short story

Culture Book - literary magazine, 2020

The First End_script

Best Short Script Award, Silk Road Film Awards - Cannes, 2020

Homo Σκέτος_short story

Booksitting - literary magazine, 2020

Good Boy_script

Best Short Fiction Script Award, London Greek Film Festival 2020

Roza_short story

Μονόκλ - literary magazine, 2020

The Vow_short story

Μονόκλ - literary magazine, 2018

The Last Time_short story

Μονόκλ - literary magazine, 2018

Charlie_flash fiction

Φρέαρ - literary magazine, 2018

The Meaning of Education_article

Politisonline - journal, 2015

Art is Not a Luxury_article

Provocateur - journal, 2015



JaZz'D / Script - Direction - Choreography - Edit

Miden Video Art Festival, 2020 (Online Edition)

11th Athens Video Dance Project (Online Edition)

FilmFest by Rogue Dancer, 2021 (Solo-discovery Edition)

When One Faces Two/ Script - Direction - Choreography - Edit

Tipperary International Dance Festival, 2019 (Tipperary - Ireland)

London Greek Film Festival, 2019 (London - UK)_Best Experimental Film Award 

9th Athens Video Dance Project (Athens - Greece)

7th International Video Poetry Festival (Athens - Greece)

Soul Washer / Script - Direction - Choreography

London Greek Film Festival, 2018 (London - UK)

8th Athens Video Dance Project, 2018 (Athens - Greece)

Paragon Film Festival, 2018 (MovieScreenPro)

Intermediaciones - Videoarte y Video Experimental Festival, 2017 (Medellin - Colombia)

Tipperary International Dance Festival, 2017 (Tipperary - Ireland) 

8th Bridges International Film Festival, 2017 (Peloponnese - Greece) 

Bankman / Script - Direction - Choreography

London Greek Film Festival, 2016 (London – UK)

On Performance Symposium, Michael Cacoyiannis Foundation, 2016 (Athens - Greece)

8th Performance Dinners by Chelsea college of Arts & Maria Paschalidou, 2015 (Athens - Greece)



I Saw you / Choreography - Performance

In Progress/Feedback Festival 2013, Kinitiras Theater (Athens - Greece)

The Pathless Land / Direction - Performance

Page 31 Festival 2012 (Spring), Contemporary Art Meeting Point (Athens – Greece)

Analysis Project / Co-Direction - Performance

Page 31 Festival 2012 (Fall), Contemporary Art Meeting Point (Athens - Greece)



The Third Bell (3rd high school of Nikaia) | Wet Dreams (Giorgos Maniotis) | Teaching - Adaptation - Direction - Choreography

Piraeus Municipal Theater, 2017 (Athens - Greece)

The Third Bell (1rst professional high school of Piraeus) | The Class | Teaching - Writing - Direction - Choreography

Piraeus Municipal Theater, 2016 (Athens - Greece)



Us -and- the Others / Videodance as an expressive & educational tool

Athens School of Fine Arts, 7thAthens Video Dance Project 2017 (Athens - Greece)

Performance & Politics / Is performance making anti-capitalist way of production (and if so, how)?

MCF, On Performance Symposium 2016 (Athens - Greece)

Expanding the Rhythm_Research project strategies 

AKTO Art & Design College - MA in Design 2015 (Athens - Greece)